Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Mexican Inspired Kidney Bean Burgers + White Bean Sauce (vegan & gluten-free)

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Like i said in my last burger post, i'm hooked. For good. I honestly don't know how i could lead a happy life without having BURGERS in them?! And stuffed sandwiches - and pasta - and pizza - and baked potatoes!!

As much as i love eating fruits, there are sooo many beautiful carbs out there that are vegan and gluten-free and nutritious and frickin delicious!

Anyway. This time we made Mexican inspired spicy kidney bean patties with fat free sauce on organic spelt buns. Can't wait for my next burger experiment :)

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Peanut Green Thai Curry (vegan)

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Preparation time: 25 mins
Main ingredients: rice, peanut, coconut, curry
difficulty level: easy
serves: 2-4
suitable for: vegan, lactose-free, gluten-free, soy-free

Yep, another Curry recipe. Because we are in Thailand right now, and there's (green) curry EVERYWHERE! Luckily, I love anything to do with Asian stir-fry, rice, curry and spicyness. 

Also, my boyfriend and i had lunch at a vegan-friendly restaurant thingy in my hometown. I had the vegan Green Thai Curry which tastes amazing even after the third time ordering the same dish (and the rice is sooo fluffy...!), but to be honest i think presentation-wise we almost did a better job with our homemade curries, both this one as well as the beautiful colourful Curry Coconut Rice Stir-Fry from last year :) 

But see for yourself.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Spring Reads

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Best Books To Read In Spring

Spring has officially begun. It's the end of winter and the beginning of summer, cool, fresh, flourishing, young, tender. To me, spring is in motion, and my favourite place to read books is on the train (or, as i'm on the way to Thailand right now, on the plane). 

Therefore, a light-weight volume is perfect for taking with you, so my little assembly for spring reads are quite thin (except for Fangirl) and easy-to-read books.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Day Zero Project Finale

"She believed she could, so she did". R.S. Grey, Scoring Wilder

I have not done all the tasks that i set myself at the beginning of Day Zero Project. However, i did 80 things that i wouldn't have done if it weren't for the Day Zero Project. How great is that?!

Set yourself goals, then aim at those goals. If you don't score, doesn't matter! Try again, or set different goal that matches you better. Also, have fun! I didn't go skinny dipping or grow tomatoes or go paragliding or plant a tree or go to a festival or make cookie monster cupcakes because i had to. I did it because i wanted to try something new, something exciting, something fun!

I will continue my Day Zero Project without any deadline until i have ticked off every single item on this list. So stay tuned... :) 

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

March Essentials /16

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The last two weeks have been super relaxed. No uni, no term papers to write. Nothing but doing what ever i want: lie in bed, have breakfast in bed (muesli!), read in bed (Eon/Eona!), lazily re-watch a movie (Totoro!) in bed, and spend time on exercising my body. However, i'm sick now, forcing me to take a break - and giving me another excuse to stay in bed, haha!

Here are my latest purchases and favourites for this month:

World Map Wall

Sunday, March 13, 2016

5-MINUTE MUESLI aka my Go-To Breakfast (at the moment)

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muesli, breakfast, oats, granola, strawberries, fruits, quick, vegan

I think my food photography skills have improved noticeably ever since last December, don't you agree? 


My favourite breakfast lately has turned from nicecream to porridge to GRANOLA! Just plain simple, quick muesli made of warm oats, crunchy granola* or cornflakes, soy milk and banana. 

This, along with porridge, is also my favourite TRAVEL breakfast, such as hiking, camping, backpacking, or my up-coming long-distance flight to Thailand :) because it is nutritious, lightweight, high in calories, and easy to store. And you don't need any equipment except a spoon and a bowl. You can make and eat your muesli right before you take off for your hike or ride or whatever you're doing, or you can prep it the night before bed and it's ready in the morning.

What's especially great is that you can just pack the necessary ingredients separately (one small bag for oats, one for granola, one for seeds, one small bottle of soy milk, one bottle of water...) and take them with you, where ever you go.

Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Get Healthy With Me 05

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Hello fit friends -

i have sort of neglected this series over the past few weeks, but today will be another update. Last time i talked about the importance of loving yourself and being/coming at peace with yourself - today i want to talk about HUNGER. 

However, before we get to that, i want to briefly touch on the topic of Episode 01: Motivation! Mainly because i want to show my brand new black dresses again, haha :)

LDB, black, outfit, fashion, dress, girl

Do you know that moment when you've accomplished something, say an exam or a term paper or your driver's license, and you feel the sudden urge to treat yourself to something? Well, in my case that is usually food. Something special. Something expensive. Something that makes me feel like "i deserved it". 

However, the first step towards a healthy relation to food is to stop charge it with emotional value! Such as reward or consolation. There's a reason they call it "comfort food", but there are other ways to achieve comfort that aren't food!

Alternatives to emotional eating:
Have a pamper night (bubble bath included)
Organize your office space, room, or closet (you'll feel great afterwards!)
Simply redecorate your room
Watch a movie you've never seen before
Go to the cinemas
Go shopping (clothes or household items)
Buy yourself a bouquet
Have a game night with family or friends
Go on a little city trip with your loved one(s)
Treat yourself to a spa session 

Sunday, March 06, 2016

"Falafel" Chickpea Burgers with Cashew Sauce (vegan & gluten-free)

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falafel, burger, chickpea, vegan, gluten-free, lunch

I have to admit something... i've never had a burger before! And by never, i mean never (unless perhaps when i was a child but in that case it would have been McDonald's crap). It's a tragedy, i know...

But that has changed! I made my first ever - homemade! - VEGAN & GLUTEN-FREE BURGER and it was a-ma-zing!

So far i've learned the two basic rules of burger making:

(1) Stuff as much as you can in between the two bun halves. Sauce dripping out? Score!
(2) Make as much of a mess while eating as possible. The bigger and messier bites, the better.
There will be many more burger recipes coming, be sure of that. I'm hooked.

Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Maisy ❤ February 2016

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It's that time of the semester again when i'm buried in term papers and barely have time to read. BUT as of today, i just finished my 30 pages long term paper (on female body & perspective in video games) AND my research paper for my upcoming master thesis, uh yeah *fist bump* :)

Luckily, i still had time to go to the cinema and watch awesome films like The Hateful Eight and Daredevil - can't wait to go watch Zootopia which is being released this week! - Eek!

And I've got another tip concerning music to study or write papers, so stay tuned!

Made: That's Vacation (A Short Film)

For most people, a family vacation is the highlight of the year. But granny Gisela has other plans. - Our submission to the 99Fire-Films Award 2016.